Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Thank God for Vestments

From a good idea gone horribly wrong.


Adoro te Devote said...

The sad thing is that Catholics are echoing their misguided sentiments. They want Mass to be "fun" because they've grown up hearing all about the "table" and "coming to the table" and have no idea that they're present at a SACRIFICE that they are ALSO called to offer!

It kinda makes sense to go to Mass dressed up considering you're meeting God. At his own "funeral".

Brian said...

"It is about time we started demanding more than eternal salvation when we walk into church. We want to be comfortable as well."

Wow. Eternal Salvation or comfortable for an hour: you decide.

Go Pistons (Rip Hamilton)!

Amy said...

They need a special Sunday for people to wear their jerseys? Clearly, they've never been to Mass in Pittsburgh or Indianapolis during football season. ;)

Emily said...

My former parish used to have a "sports Mass" a few times a year, and the servers would just wear their jerseys. The focus was definitely more on the "sports" instead of the Mass.