Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Saints and Blesseds Quiz

Ladies and gentlemen, pull out the pad of paper and get ready for a pop quiz!

1. I once stood in front of my church and barred my king from attending Mass after he had ordered innocent men to be killed. _______

2. At a young age, I convinced the citizens of Paris to stay, fast and pray when Attila the Hun was threatening to invade. He later changed course and I became the Patron Saint of Paris. _______

3. I was a Roman soldier who was tortured to death after proclaiming my Christianity to my Emperor. I am often pictured killing a dragon. _______

4. During the Early Church persecutions, I preached the good news of Christ in the land of Campania. I survived many forms of torture due to the help of angels and a static electric charge I produced when my torturers tried to use fire on my body. _______

5. I was a young slave girl who was arrested for being Christian. I was put to death just three days after giving birth to my daughter. _______

6. I became a lay brother of the Dominican order after studying to become a barber. I had the ability to fly and to bi-locate. _______

7. I was a pagan who converted to Christianity and took the place of the priest whom I had hid in my house when persecutors came. _______

8. According to legend, I once reversed the flow of a river and saved a child from execution by controlling the winds which carried him to me._______

9. I was the Empress of Rome when I walked over pieces of red-hot iron without injury. My husband and I lived a celibate marriage. _______

10. I am known as the first bishop of Jerusalem and the author of the first Catholic epistle. I witnessed the Resurrection. _______

11. I was a missionary priest in Hawaii. I volunteered to work in the leper colony on Molokai and gave my life to make theirs better. _______

12. I participated in the 1st Crusade to the Holy Land after I was ordained a bishop. _______

13. I once hid in a cave with wild animals that came to me for cures. The Church has a special throat blessing on my feast day. _______

14. I was beheaded when I refused the advances of a man. My head was later restored and a well sprang up where my head had fallen. _______

15. I was an acolyte who died while protecting the Eucharist; upon my death the Eucharist disappeared so my attackers could not touch it. _______

16. I suffered from a rare skin disease which disappeared upon my ordination to the priesthood. _______

17. While my brother monks referred to me as “the gaper” due to my often blank stare, I am also known as the flying saint. _______

18. Though Henry VIII knew me as the “holiest woman in England,” he exiled me from his royal court when I opposed his marriage to Anne Boleyn. He later beheaded me after my son (a Cardinal) denied his Act of Supremacy. _______

19. I founded the Redemptorist Congregation after many struggles. During the later part of my life I suffered greatly from rheumatism. _______

20. With the help of my many visions of Jesus, I established the feast of the Sacred Heart despite the opposition of my mother superior. _______

21. I was a Ugandan who converted to Christianity and helped to protect many young men from my chieftain who later killed us for our faith. _______

22. I had the ability to see guardian angels and I was known as “one of the most brilliant theological minds of [my] time.”_______

23. I lived in the desert and fasted for 80 years. _______

24. I was a Vietnamese citizen who was arrested for being a Christian. I briefly gave up my faith, but regained it only to be flogged to death. _______

25. I am said to have re-attached a child’s leg which fell off when the child kicked his mother in front of me. I often help people find things. _______

26. I was a spoiled rich kid who wanted to become a knight and ended up repairing the Church and living a life of complete simplicity. _______

27. I declined an invitation by the Pope to take charge of an order of nursing sisters but later started the Ursulines, a teaching order for girls. _______

28. I was a housekeeper for a wealthy family and used their resources to donate to the poor. I found real joy in my work. _______

29. I married a wealthy man, but gave generously of our resources, even to the point of bathing the sick with my own hands. _______

30. My mother taught me how to dedicate my life to God and built a monastery for me. I lived in holiness to be 118 years old. _______

1. St. Tarsicius
2. St. Alban
3. St. Peter of Anagni
4. St. Francis of Assisi
5. St. Felicity
6. Blessed Thomas Toan
7. St. Thomas More
8. St. William
9. St. Zita
10. St. Charles Lwanga
11. St. George
12. St. Angus MacNisse
13. St. Erasmus
14. St. Genevieve
15. St. Zdislava of Lemberk
16. Blessed Margaret Pole
17. St. Angela Merici
18. St. Cunegundus
19. St. Francis Caracciolo
20. St. Blaise
21. St. Martin de Porres
22. St. Catharine of Siena
23. St. Anthony of Padua
24. Blessed Gregory of Verucchio
25. St. Benjamin the Great of Nitra
26. St. Joseph of Cupertino
27. Blessed Damien de Veuster
28. St. Alphonsus Marie Ligouri
29. St. Winifred
30. St. Margaret Mary Alocoque
31. St. James the Lesser


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the quiz! It's great for us crazy home schoolers. When the kids whine about the work I'll point them in your direction!

Anonymous said...

Father: I have a totally unrelated request. Would you go to and on her post, "what did you hear today" she needs a real Priest to tell her how to forgive--would you please give her advice? Please, please, please, thanks :)

Kat said...

I work for the Jesuits... don't ask me to think.

The Digital Hairshirt said...

Aha, Tara, I have discovered your secret missionary work!

I like this quiz, Father - it shows up my woefully bad knowledge of saints (although growing up as a Cradle Catholic, the martyrs are recognizable, since as children we loved those gory stories!)