Sunday, January 18, 2009

Call the Paramedics

One good result of the bitterly cold weather of the last week, the pond behind my sister's house is frozen over!  The Schnippel clan is heading over to Minster this afternoon for some family fun time, including some ice skating!  Here's hoping the paramedics are on stand-by!

For those who are a little less into winter sports, The Call of the King Conference returns this evening at St. Mary's Catholic Church in Piqua.  Adoration starts at 6 and the Conference starts at 7.


MJ said...

Have fun but just be careful. I don't want you joining our pastor who is going on almost 2 monthes of pain from 2 herniated discs. If I lived closer I would love to be at the conference.

Sharon said...

How do you make sure that the ice on the pond is thick enough to skate over?

Kurt said...

We had the biggest guy at the family gathering walk on it first. Just happened to by the proprietor of this little collection of stories.

Unfortunately, Father did not partake of the on ice activities due to having the conference later in the day. A good time was had by all, though, even those that did not get on the ice. I'm sure Father will have a picture or two of those of us more on our back sides that on our feet/skates.