Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Email from Mom

This was waiting in my inbox this morning:

We are up to 8” + and still coming down hard.  Did you all notice where this email is coming from, Mike Stroh came over to the house with the backhoe and said Tom said to get it cleared so I could come into work.  My response  “Isn’t he nice that way  !@#$@#$!@#$@!#$!

(The office is across from the house and mom's one dream is a snow day.  She almost had it, until dad 'came to her rescue!  (They work in the family business together.))

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Anonymous said...

Anonymous was right in your previous post, up North did get about 12" of snow. It was crazy trying to get my 15 pass van out of the driveway!

I'm loving it though!!