Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!

Well, a day late.

Midnight Mass on New Year's Eve was a success, about 40 or so showed for the Mass, singing was all unaccompanied, with the priest and two seminarians present chanting the Salve Regina as a post Communion reflection.

New Year's Day was a quiet start. We only had one Mass at the Cathedral, celebrated by Archbishop Pilarczyk, using the option of the World Day of Peace. (Shhh.... I skipped out!) Instead, we had a priestly formation group gathering which normally takes place on the last Wednesday of the Month on New Year's Day instead. Since we're spread through the diocese, we met this week in Sidney, up north. Seven of us gathered, as a number of the brothers had other obligations, family and stuff, but we had a grand time in their absence.

Since I had a quiet morning, I showed up wearing jeans and fleece pullover and was met at the door by the parochial vicar wearing his cassock! Boy, did I feel underdressed! Next two guys show up in clerics, hmmm..... priest number 5? Cassock! RATS! #6 had civies on as well, WHEW!!!

The tie was broken by priest #7 who had clerics on, but the collar unbuttoned. Alas.

Anyway, a good day of conversation, prayer and formation, a nice start to the year.


MJ said...

Belated Happy New Year to you too. My day started as sacristan at 9am mass and then to a gathering with an italian family. Little to much wine - darn those italians!!

Jackie said...


Glad you had such a great New Years. And its so good to see this group of priests having such a fine support group. I'm sure its very helpful!

God Bless

Adoro said...

Happy New Year, and thanks for the info on the LOH. Although I didn't know from your email this morning where to get the psalms so when I went to adoration today, well...let's just say I didn't do morning prayer.

HyMark88 said...

Good to meet you this morning in person. Now I can put a face to the name and voice on WNOP. Thank you for filling in for Father Don.