Sunday, January 18, 2009

Humbled by a 3 year old

Checking in from my sister's in Minster. Yes, the pond is frozen, but I had to pass along the following anecdote:

My sister was bringing down exchange gifts for today's get together. Her daughter (and my Goddaughter) saw her bringing them down: "Ooh, goody, I want presents!" she enthusiastically tells her mother.

Sister replies: "But you have to wait for Uncle Kyle to bring your present."

Goddaughter: "But mom, I don't like Uncle Kyle!"

That's it, she's out of my will!


MJ said...

Ahhh, what's not to like?!!

Adoro said...

Awww! I feel bad for you!

But then again, she probably didn't really mean it. I once had a 3 year old tell me didn't like me...directly to my face. But then when we were about to leave his house, he refused to let me go. He told my boyfriend (his uncle) that he could leave as long as he left me at their house. ROFL!

My guess is that's your goddaughter, too. :-)

MJ said...

Is she the one that was mad at you for getting Grandma sick at Christmas? Maybe she is still a little snarky!