Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My not so quiet week

at least what I thought would be a quiet week on the blog turns out that it won't be so quiet; thanks to Mother Nature's intervention.

I was in Columbus overnight visiting our college seminarians. They are all doing fine, more than fine actually; but still apreciate your prayers for their discernment.

This morning brought about an inch of snow in Ohio's Capital City. Not too bad, methinks. However, a quick call to the Queen City brought a much different report: close to four inches had fallen overnight. Yeah, I know you folks in Colorado and Minnessota are used to this; 'Four Inches! That's not even enough to get the snowblower out!" Yeah, well, what about the layer of ICE that came first. Hmmm, drive home could be interesting..... I was specifically thinking about that final downhill run to the Gilbert Avenue exit off of Interstate 71.

Ok, 9:00 meeting with the Vice Rector of the College, check. Run to check radar in the Library. Looks like there'll be a small window in the early afternoon. Hmm... lunch is out, need to get some info from a seminarian and hit the road.

Got it all, done and packed and ready to go.

Drive time. 315 in Columbus was all red on the traffic report, skip that. I-275 around the westside it is. No issues, roads were went, but no snow on the road itself.

I-71 was more of the same. A few places, the middle of the lane had snow in it; but not too bad at all.

Stopped for lunch at Waynesville and a period of relaxation.

back in the car, 50 some miles to go.

Hmm... is that frozen precipitation I hear hitting my window? O, boy, how can it still be rain at 25 degrees F?

Third lane, impassable, but the rest of the way was fairly good.

Parking lot in the office was less than a quarter full, when it is usually overflowing. Why did I stop at the office again?

My day long obligations for tomorrow were canceled as well. drat, just means I'll have to be in the office.


Adoro said...

Glad you're back safely.

The day we had ice and then snow/hard freeze...that was the WORST driving day of the winter. Seriously thought I was going to die en route to work the next morning.

Wouldn't have been so bad if it was in the 20's, though, because then salt and sand work. Not in subzero temps.

Anonymous said...

It's looking like 12 inches up here in the north.

Anonymous said...

12 inches in Northern OH--not where I live. Tuesday night we only received about an inch or so. The schools are already on a 2 hr delay for Wednesday but I couldn't imagine there being more than another few inches.

Barb said...

I'm glad you made it back safely, Father. Now we just have to pray that the power stays on. My husband works for Duke and is on standby to help with the out-of-town crews that are coming to help us out if needed. He's definitely hoping they're not...