Thursday, January 29, 2009

Memorial at Tyburn

Rich posts great news for fans of English Catholicism: a proper memorial at Tyburn!

I've started Eamon Duffy's monumental opus, The Stripping of the Altars, at 600 pages, plus bibliography, it is not for the feint of heart or weak of arm!

A little easier entrance into the period can be found at the Coming Home Network's Deep in History Conference of the English Reformation.  Marvelous.  The CD's of this conference live in my car and make for short trips up and down Interstates 71 and 75.

O glorious martyrs of England, Pray for us!


Adoro said...

That's cool. I didn't realize you got the whole set.

A few years ago when I went to the Called to Lead Conference (which was local), I picked up a couple of the CD's, still find them useful!

Um, I couldn't afford the Deep in History stuff, but since they can still be ordered, well, that's a good thing. I want to get some from the previous years.

Mary Hennessey said...

Gee, Father, can I borrow them when you are done?

Mother Hen