Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A 'Careful what you pray for' post

Besides the one Lent where I had reconstructive knee surgery two days before Ash Wednesday, I've always had problems with the fasting aspect of Lent. Even with that one in Seminary, I didn't fast a whole lot, but the stress and agony of therapy was a unique way to enter the Cross during this season.

This year, I (somewhat foolishly) decided to pray for an increase of patience during this season, and undertook a much more rigorous plan of fasting, especially during Wednesdays and Fridays, but trying to avoid the snacking, chocolates, and other little indulgences during the day. (did I mention there's a chocolate jar at the front desk of the 8th floor which I pass several times a day. The caramel filled dark chocolate squares scream my name as I pass by. Man, my mouth is watering all of a sudden!)

Well, I've actually done fairly well so far, but it hasn't been easy. And as a friend says, by the time dinner rolls around, even the drapes aren't safe! (I had dinner at a friends house last Friday, and it was all I could do not to swipe the food off of his children's plates, too!)

Through this, patience and tolerance has grown, although it can at times send up some flares of irritability, mostly controlled, or only expressed in solitude.

Well, apparently, God decided I needed more work in the patience area. The courtyard at Millinnial Plaza, across Central Ave. from the residence at the Cathedral, as been under some repairs for the last few weeks. It seems the garage underneath has been leaking water, and it was decided to seal it up, a notable undertaking for sure.

HOWEVER, since they don't want to bother the workers, they begin the repair work at around 4:00 in the afternoon and work until roughly midnight (or later). Hmmm... trying to sleep with a powerwasher or two, a jackhammer, and a grinding wheel all going at the same time. Exercise in patience.

So, if I look a little hassled, now you know it's not necessarily the fasting, but the grinding is causing the problems.

Patience, what a wonderful grace to pray for.


Lillian Marie said...

At the beginning of each year, I pray for a specific grace or virtue that year. Once I prayed for more patience.

God gave me an enormous amount of opportunities to practice this virtue/grace. It was one of the longest years of my life!

Never again! If God wants me to have patience in a situation, He will bestow upon me the gift at that moment. *grin* Okay, maybe not, but it's not something that I will pray a year for again.

Many prayers coming your way this Lent!

Anonymous said...

He'll throw opportunities right in your face to help your virtue of patience grow (or fail) that's the terrific choice of free will He gave us.

Anonymous said...

Why is it that on any given day you can pass the candy--with not the slightest craving, but say your fasting, and your thoughts of candy, chocolate--food increases exponentially. What's up with that?

uncle jim said...

that recon project isn't being done buy your family's business, is it?