Wednesday, March 25, 2009

It's not good when

your sister, parent of four (oldest in 2nd grade, one with Special Needs) emails you to say:

"What's with the blog? Too busy or something?"


Things have been helter skelter around here. If I get the chance, I'll give an update to the week and pass along some of the good news we've been experiencing.


jamie said...

Way to go Tania! Keep him in line. (and Hi Father Kyle...been checking in, wondering if you're alright.)

Thought maybe you gave us up for lent. :')

Anonymous said...

Kyle -

Why is it every time I email you it ends up on your blog??? Glad everything is alright and you are just busy! Are we doing your flowers for you this weekend? Not much else new here, busy, but not too busy to check on you!

Father Schnippel said...

It's my hint that you should start your own blog! (After all, Jamie has 10 and still finds time to update the blog!)

Nope, can't make it home this weekend, so I am leaving the flowers in your most capable hands.

(Flowers are from Grandpa's funeral, and are to be arranged into frames. Mom has had them pressing since November.)

Anonymous said...

You can't even call your sister about grandpa's flowers. You must be really busy!!

Tania--I agree, you need your own blog, I would love to know what goes on during dinner at your house! ;)

Anonymous said...

There are many times things happen that I would love to post out there but truth is - I can not compete with you and Jamie!!! Technology scares me!!!! I would not even know how or where to start!

Jackie said...

I am SO GLAD to know that your sister is looking in on you and popping you when you need it!! What are older sisters for but this???? She's clearly showing you love!