Monday, March 16, 2009

It's our turn!

The Holy Father announces a Year for Priests, from 19 June, 2009, to 19 June, 2010.

More later, gonna be a busy day here. heading out for a dermatologist appointment, then off to Dayton for a Discernment Group meeting at the University of Dayton (which is preceded by a few individual meetings as well.)


MJ said...

It's about time. Consider what we are going through in our diocese this weekend, concerning church closings and consolidations, I would say it's long overdue. Hopefully it will make people aware of how much we need to pray for our current priests and for vocations.

Rich Leonardi said...

Yes. If it does nothing more than encourage the faithful to pray for vocations, it will have been worth it. (And I'm sure it will accomplish much more.)

Anonymous said...

Oh's all about you :)

Seriously though, I think it's a great time for the laity to understand/rediscover the beauty of the priesthood. As I tell my boys, no priest - no Eucharist.