Wednesday, March 11, 2009


When you don't agree, or get caught red handed (or faced), what do you do?

That's right! Blame the other guy and pull the innocent victim plea:

On the political front, McDonald and Lawlor have been at odds with the Catholic church on issues such as gay marriage, gay adoption, and gay civil unions. O’Neill suggested that given their history of being on the opposite side of such issues, that it might have been advisable for the co-chairmen to contact church leaders and at least work with other committee members in drafting the proposal. “There was zero communication about this bill with Catholic leaders and even with the ranking members,” O’Neill said. “I haven’t heard anybody step forward to say we’re 100 percent with you on this.” Democratic state Rep. Robert Godfrey, a Judiciary Committee member, accused Catholic leaders of a smear campaign. “The Bishop [Lori] doesn’t want anyone to see the diocese’s books and how the money is spent,” Godfrey told “He is trying to smear the co-chairs. It’s very sad. The public is outraged over a fiction. The scheduled hearing tomorrow was cancelled because the Capitol Police were sweating crowd control.”

Tom Peters at American Papist has the complete coverage.

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