Monday, March 9, 2009

No More Decent Priests!

Sound shocking?

It should, for we priests should not strive to be decent, or nice, or liked by the people.

Don't yell at me, Aimee is the one clamoring for it:

Priest, if you are merely nice, and teach others to be merely nice, you have failed in your calling as a priest – and failed in your calling to form your people in the image of Christ; more, to form Christ in your people. We are eating God; meant to live on God; we need to be taught how to do so, and become His dwelling place on earth, here and now. We human beings are the meeting place between heaven and earth, between God and creation, and we need to be taught how to open ourselves up and let God in, for real, right now, through Christ. But if you are not pursuing Him yourself, seriously, every moment of the day, you cannot teach us how.

Thanks to New Advent for the link.


Rev. Fr. Jessie Somosierra,Jr. said...

I am enjoying your postings. Keep up the good work

aimee milburn cooper said...

Thanks for the link, Father - I'm very touched! And yes, they are coming to yell at me now! :D