Monday, April 21, 2008

Ben Stein for President

In an increasingly inane world of media and higher education, one sane voice continues to come from the man who knows it all: Ben Stein. He has a new documentary out, Expelled, which examines how institutions of 'higher learning' have embraced Darwinism and shun everything else.

A write up from Yahoo! News:

Evolution is another one of those one-sided debates. We know the concept of Intelligent Design is stifled in academic circles. An entire documentary to state the obvious? You can see my reluctance to view it.
I went into the screening bored. I came out of it stunned.
Ben Stein's extraordinary presentation documents how the worlds of science and academia not only crush debate on the origins of life, but also crush the careers of professors who dare to question the Darwinian hypothesis of evolution and natural selection.

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