Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Questions

Last night, three bishops asked the Holy Father questions after his address to the Bishops.

The first was by the newest consecrated bishop, of Springfield-Cap Giraedu (sp?) on secularism.

The second was by Archbishop Pilarczyk (of Cincinnati!), chosen because he is the longest serving (non-retired) bishop currently in the conference and was on 'fallen-away Catholics.'

The third was by the chair of a committee of the Eastern Catholic Bishops in the US and was on vocations.

Rocco has the transcripts of the talk on his site.

The video link can be found at the USCCB website, click the top link "The Holy Father's exchange with the US Bishops."

When introduced by Cardinal George of Chicago, Pope Benedict gave a friendly wave to Archbishop Pilarczyk. But what has everyone here in the office talking is the banter and exchange after Archbishop addressed his question. The Holy Father responded, before his prepared response: "I remember well our meetings in past times, we had interesting discussions." (followed by a good chuckle by the other bishops.) The Holy Father and Archbishop shared a warm handshake as the Pope was leaving as well, from what we could tell the only bishop that he shook hands with.


Anonymous said...

I think it's obvious that the Holy Father feels genuine affection for the Archbishop. I wouldn't attempt to read too much more into it than that, though I am certain that many are hard at work trying to imagine every conceivable negative spin to the exchange. Let's just take it for what it was, a great interaction between two old buddies. Keep in mind that Archbishop P. was the president of the USCCB in a difficult time. Obviously, they know one another.

This is the only time that I have ever heard the Holy Father actually laugh out loud, and that is a priceless moment. Whatever we think was really behind it, let's be thankful to your boss for making it happen. The cameras caught the Archbishop perfectly too, lit up with his mischievous smile. I think this human side is what people want to see more of in their pastors, just two old veterans sharing a hearty laugh.

-- Michael

Barb said...

I need to watch this video... I missed it on TV...sounds interesting.