Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Two Cows

Over at the Shrine, there is a long post dedicated to the 'Two Cows' theory of community life within the Church. However, no diocescan priest listed.

Any suggestions?


Anonymous said...

About half-way through the comments, anonymous posted a gem:

A bishop: You have two cows. In the old good days, you had twenty of them. You pray for them to be twenty again. Meanwhile, you expect them to produce the milk of twenty

Anonymous said...

Rural Diocesan Priest: You have two cows, separated by 15 miles, with only 1/2 hour between Sunday feedings. The cows don't understand why you have the other, and each requests feedings at their preferred time, which is the same for both!

Father Schnippel said...

Excellent on the Rural Priest!

Vocation Director: You have two cows, everyone expects you to have 20 cows by tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Diocesan Priest: You have two cows. You are required by canon law to meet with each of them monthly, and to listen carefully to their advice on your pastorship. This would be OK, except now you are assigned a second and a third field, each with its two cows... In the end, you can't stop dreaming of barbeque.