Thursday, April 24, 2008

Next 'Gotta Have' game!

Word from this week's Archdiocese of Cincinnati 'E-pistle' brings news of the next 'must have' game for all Catholic households: "Vatican, the Board Game." The tag line is even greater: "Unlock the secrets of how men become Pope."

If only I had a birthday coming up.....


Michael said...

I wonder if any of your readers have this game. I'm certainly curious. It sounds like it's based on a wrong premise, that only one of the consistory cardinals is eligible to be voted on. It ain't so. There is a funny little book, that I read many years ago - Pope Hadrian VII. It's written about a man who was rejected, as unsuitable, for religious life (kind of like St. Benedict Joseph Labre, one of my favorite saints). The Pope dies, and in the consistory, one of the cardinals "talks up" this reject, and low and behold, he is asked to be Pope, and takes the name of the last English Pontiff (Hadrian or Adrian - and interestingly, you just pointed out in the papal quiz that Hadrian VI was the last non-Italian pope.) Anyway, this man has to be ordained a priest first. Do people even realize that any Catholic, non-heretic, man is eligible for the papacy???

Father Schnippel said...

You do bring up a good point, Michael, but in this day and age it is a fairly moot point, as the likelyhood of that happening is slim to none, I would think.

But still, the law is the law and it is certainly possible.

Same thing happened to St. Ambrose, by the way. He was a catechuman when elected as bishop of Milan. Hence, he was baptized, confirmed, First Communion, admitted to orders, ordained deacon, then priest, then bishop all in one day.

Next time I think I have a lot to do in a day!

michael said...

You mention four sacraments in one day for St. Ambrose. I'm wondering if he made a confession, as well. I don't remember what the practice was at the time. I guess the question could be asked today. If an adult is newly baptized, does s/he have to make a confession in order to receive First Communion?

Father Schnippel said...

Michael, if an adult is newly baptized, no they do not need to receive the sacrament of penance and reconciliation before First Communion. Baptism wipes away all sins, so it's the best time to get Communion, one could say.

At the time, I think Penance was usually a 'one time deal,' as they were still working out that Confession was a repeatable Sacrament; which mainly happened through Ireland after their influence from Egyptian Monks, actually.

At least that's the way I remember it.

Adoro te Devote said...

Sooo....what do you want me to bring you from Minnesota? My 1987 Twins World Series pennant, non-mint condition? (if I can find it...)


When's your b-day?

I'll be a year older when I get there this summer.

Anonymous said...

The inventor's on Sacred Heart Radio at 7:40 this morning. should be interesting.

uncle jim said...

gee, i wonder if his birthday is anywhere around june 20 ... what a coincidence that would be ... then i'd have 3 friends on that same date.