Wednesday, April 16, 2008

So, did you hear

that the Pope's in the US? If you hadn't, can I borrow the rock you've been living under?

Full text of his address at the White House is found here, thanks to CNS blog. (Does anyone else think his voice pitch is too high? I guess for an octagenarian, it's not too bad.)

The White House has posted President Bush's address and welcome here. (Good, except he butchered Saint Augustine's name [pronounced it like the city in Florida] and the Latin of Pax Tecum really came off with a Southern Draaawwwwl.)

The other big news is that three bishops of the US have been asked to pose a question to the Holy Father during the meeting this evening. One of whom is my very own Boss: Archbishop Pilarczyk! There is rampant speculation about what the Local Big Boss is going to ask the Universal Big Boss, but no one really seems to have a clue. Tune in at the 5:30 meeting tonight on EWTN to find out.

Finally, thirty seminarians (and two priests) from Mount St. Mary's Seminary of the West are journeying to Yonkers for the meeting with the Pope on Saturday, as well as the seminarians from the Josephinum; please keep them all in your prayers for safe travel. Humpf, they didn't invite their vocation director. :(


Barb said...

It is a bummer....I wondered if you were going. I've been watching and longing to be there..

a thorn in the pew said...

I'm watching now. The choir is beautiful! I don't mind watching it all on tv. EWTN has had great coverage so far.

Anonymous said...

Highlight of the Holy Father's visit so far ......his banter - and actual laughter - in taking the question posed by Archbishop Pilarczyk. It's obvious he has affection for your boss!!! It was a great moment.

-- Michael