Thursday, April 24, 2008

A Simple Suggestion

Last night, I got to the Union Center area of West Chester (northern suburb) a bit early for a meeting with an engaged couple prior to their wedding. As the restaraunt we were meeting at was close to a bookstore, I decided to do some perusing.

While strolling through, I saw that they had a 'Thought Provoking' table in the center of the store. Hmm..., being the intellectually curious fellow that I am, and already having too many books on my 'to read' shelf, I still had to examine the titles.

Of the twenty or so books on the table, two were from a decidedly anti-religious perspective. Disappointed, I started to walk towards the check out when I happened upon one of the clerks who had asked me earlier if I needed any help. "Ah, why not?" thinks I. Simply asking him a question, "I was wondering why you had two books on the table that are atheistic, but nothing here that was from a pro-religious or Christian perspective? Obviously it is important for me, and it seems like a bias to me."

To his credit, this young man was very pleasant and responded: "Hmm.. The list comes to us out of New York, but I'll ask my manager and see what she thinks." I was pretty satisfied with that answer and proceeded to check out with my small stash of books.

I had to walk back through the store to exit, when I passed this same young man (early twenties, I guessed) as he was combing through the Christianity section looking for books to place on the table. I thanked him, gave him the suggestion of GK Chesterton's 'Orthodoxy,' as it is celebrating 100 years in print, and left the store.

It seems to me that as Christians, Catholics especially, we're used to getting run over and not letting our voices be heard. Sure, I could have demanded that he take off the atheistic books; but a simple suggestion of wondering why their were no Catholic/Christian books led to a change. Who knows, perhaps someone will pick one of those newly arrived Christian books off the table and be opened to the Spirit's movement.

A simple suggestion and the courage to speak up in a loving way for 'Positive Orthodoxy.'


Padre Steve said...

Well said! Often times the "new age" section of the bookstore is larger than the "Christian" section. I always get upset to see young people reading through the real garbage that the "new age" has to offer. Good for you for pointing out the bias! Keep up the good work! God bless! Padre Steve

Theophilus said...

Fr. Kyle,

Now I'm going to have to stop by on my lunch hour tomorrow and see if G.K. is out on the table. I'll keep you posted. Maybe, I'll slip some C.S. and Little Flower on the table as well.

Adrienne said...

Way to go, Father....

Adoro te Devote said...'re still my hero even if I scare you with my posts.

theophilus said...

I checked B&N out on my way home from work. Fr. Kyle, you must be one persuasive guy. They now have a whole table devoted to "Religion & Spirituality" at the front of the store. The Holy Father, Mother Angelica, Mother Theresa, C.S. Lewis are all there. I found the "Thought Provoking" table and saw the books of which you spoke. Using science to disavow God. What idiots - who do they think created science? I did see books by Sowell and Warren, and another book by a scientist proving the existence of God through science, so it wasn't all bad. In any case, no G.K. on either table.