Monday, April 21, 2008

Monday already?

Are you kidding me? Where in the world was the weekend? YIKES!

This is to catch up on things and items I missed over the weekend, running throughout the diocese.

First, if you missed the Sunday Enquirer's Forum section, Peter Bronson had an excellent article on the Holy Father's visit. (He writes with a greater esteem and respect than many Catholic authors!):
I'm not a Catholic. But somewhere during the funerals for two fallen firefighters April 9, I thought: Nobody does this better than the Catholic Church. When an uncertain world cruelly reminds us how fragile life can be, the magic, tradition, ritual and beauty of a mass soothes the aching heart. It speaks of eternal truth.
So does Pope Benedict XVI. His visit to America is packed with eternal truth like an overstuffed suitcase. But it gets distorted by our carnival-mirror culture.
Dozens of media reports called the pope a "rock star." Not quite. "He's a very kind gentleman like somebody's grandfather," said the Rev. Earl Fernandes of Mount St. Mary's Seminary, who knows Benedict from three years in Rome studying moral theology. "By nature he is a quiet and shy man. He's not concerned about being the center of attention. He wants the attention on Christ."

If you missed the talks and addresses that the Holy Father addressed, visit Rocco's site or the USCCB, as they have excellent coverage and the addresses all published.

Another Blogger Extraordinaire joins St. Blog's parish: a frequent commentor here at Called by Name, Miss Meg proudly announces Life in the Abundant Lane. (Don't miss her Cultured Pearl and Cow Patty Awards!)

Adam's Ale is sharing the love as well, and gives props to my esteemed Associate Vocation Director, who is starting up the youth ministry program at his parish. Helping get the word out is the blog he administers. (For those keeping track at home, that's five blogs between the two of us!)

Rich Leonardi had the great priviledge to assist at the Mass at Yankee Stadium, and posts on it here. As a snarky aside to my friend, one would've thought that being on the same side of the altar as the Holy Father would've been acceptable to this Reformer of the Reform. (Just kidding, Rich, looking forward to hearing about it first hand!)

I think that catches me up so far, more thoughts to come later in the day as I get a chance to read over the texts that I missed over the weekend, oh and GO REDS! The hated Dodgers are in town, and I will be assisting them to victory tonight!

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Rich Leonardi said...

Oh, I liked facing East with the Holy Father, but could have done without the canvas barrier. Thanks for your post, Father. It was a blessed event.