Saturday, July 12, 2008

And Persecutions, Besides

It should come as no surprise that we face persecutions as we go about our work in the Church. Christ certainly faced it, and in today's Gospel account Jesus warns that we will indeed face persecutions and misunderstandings. It should come as no surprise that we face this.

This week, word has spread through the blogosphere that there have been desecrations of the Eucharist. In Florida, a student held Him 'hostage' as he protested that the state university supported religious groups on campus. In the admirable uproar, a professor in Minnesota (i think) who challenged some on to get him 'the sacred cracker' that he could also profane the Eucharist.

Again, when we stand for Truth, it should come as no surprise that we are opposed, by the Evil One, by those who do not understand what we believe and exhort that we should change to be like the rest of the world.

We are NOT like the rest of the world. We are held to a higher standard by Our Lord. And if we hold true to our faith, he gives the strength and ability to overcome our weaknesses as Jesus himself stands before His Heavenly Father and intercedes on our behalf.

And in those times where we are brought forward to face the judge and jury of the public opinion; Our Lord will give us the words to speak and will purify our lips, just as He did for Isaiah.

Therefore, we should not be afraid as we face persecution. It serves to purify us. It serves to unite us with Our Lord, and we should therefore rejoice that we have been found worthy to suffer for Jesus.


Adoro te Devote said...

Yup, it was Minnesota, and not surprisingly, at the U of M, the same place that put on the play, "The Pope and the Witch" that many of us protested (and had a prayer vigil outside...I was there, it was freezing but much worth it!)

The world hates us....GOOD! If it didn't, we wouldn't be Catholic.

Anonymous said...

I believe our Priests are being persecuted more than we can ever imagine. The Priest who was stationed at the Shrine/Order (which I will be joining, hopefully) has just left the Priesthood.

Like you say, we should not be afraid of these persecutions, however, we need to pray so much more than we ever had before. LM

Adoro said...

LM ~ I'm not sure his leaving the priesthood was his choice; but his guilt or innocence has not been established (not as far as I know?). And we know there are false reports out there. Unfortunately, if a priest is accused, he's automatically judged as guilty. And there's the many innocent priests have been destroyed in this manner? Fr. Corapi has spoken on this issue, too. We DO need to pray..a LOT! I was reading a priest's blog today, he just started podcasting. I could NOT believe some of the comments! And knowing at least what it's like to deal with hostility like that, I so feel for him! (He's deleted the worst of the comments which were profane, or worse.)

Anonymous said...

Adoro - You're right. However, I can't imagine the pain & grief he is going through right now...and to know that he will no longer be able to be with our Lord in the same way...ever. That has to be disheartening. LM

Adoro said...

I've worked with sex offenders...and the sex offended. And some of them were the same person. One..I'll never forget his face. You wouldn't believe the sympathy I feel for even abusers because of that, because I always see one particular kid's face. I think that's what God sees.

But..that said, if he's guilty, he's guilty. If he's innocent, it's persecution. But we can't mince it on any end just by glossing over what's really going on. I feel for him, too, and I hope both justice and mercy reign, whatever they are.

(I may need to post on this topic in general terms...)