Wednesday, July 30, 2008

What's in your sandbox?

Looking to the right as you enter Interstate 71 north from downtown Cincinnati, you see the following:
Is this a case of 'he who dies with the biggest toys wins'?

Look just before the Humana building in the pic below to see the job trailer.

For the uninitiated, dad's company (with mom, a sister and a brother) are putting up a hotel near downtown. When I first posted, I wondered if Dad would ever stop by for lunch. He actually called about last Thursday, alas I was on my way to Akron/Cleveland. BUT, he did call and prove me wrong. I am humbled.


Lillian Marie said...

For Christmas one year, I bought my nephew (and also my Godson) an excavator that he could ride on & maneuver. He loved it! It now resides proudly in the family sandbox in the back yard.

Nice to know some kids never grow up. *grin* (like you said, just bigger toys)

Rich Leonardi said...

I've pointed it out to my kids, who get a big kick out of it.