Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Blog Fathers!

With heartfelt thanks to Adoro, Lillian Marie and Uncle Jim, I humbly accept the title of 'Blog Father' and add the pic to the side bar.

(Congrats to Fr. Valencheck for the inaugural membership, as well!)
Can I nominate someone else? Thanks!
I hereby nominate Fr. Fox of Bonfire of the Vanities for membership in the 'Blog Fathers' as well, for his jumping into the cyber maylay while still in seminary eventually helped me build up the courage to start this very room.


adoro said...

Yeah, well, there was no way to really explain it without getting sappy.

OK, the real deal:

I just wanted to be able to call you "Blogfather" in Cleveland. (You don't want to meet me anymore, do you? lol)


I figured you actually need some pictures on your blog.


uncle jim said...

and we consider us as confrères of sorts.

besides, humilty abounds in praise of the Father, not of ourselves.

in the jewish tradition of the beracah, we bless the Father from whom all good things flow.

so we praise you, the "Blog Fathers"!