Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Catholic Media Review posts favorably on PIXAR's new effort WallE.

Looks like a good flick to take the kids.


Anonymous said...

Kids? I want to go see it. Just have to find another adult as childish, I mean young as I am!!!


Lillian Marie said...

MJ - I agree! There was one time when I was living in Columbus, I went to go see 'Pinnocchio' by myself, a matinee (and very few people in the theatre).

There was a young boy, maybe 6 years old, sitting with his father in the next aisle over. The boy looked at his father, trying to use his 'quiet voice', and said 'Dad, she forgot to bring her kids.' The dad looked at me & we started laughing.

I love Disney movies! And since Pixar came into the picture, the quality of the pictures had increased 3 fold! My sister did a report & presentation on Disney & Pixar for her MBA. I helped her with some of the financials - it was actually quite interesting, especially since Disney bought Pixar (at the time, Pixar was a competitor and triple in value than Disney). This may have to be one of the topics of conversation on Friday, July 26th, when you come. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Ah, I'm not daft after all, and don't have to hide the fact that I am dying to see Wall-E? I'll be going alone--the kids aren't interested, and husband sat arms-crossed all through Toy Story 1 as if it were a documentary. Indeed, I (and adult son) had to be scraped off the floor. Truly, I've read a very good review of it...seems like something decent Catholics will like.


Leticia said...

Thanks for the link, Father, I recommend Wall-E for the young at heart as well as the young!