Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Two new blogs

to me, at least:

Vita Mea by Fr. Dennis Schenkel of the Diocese of Memphis, home of the King!

In the Shadow of His Wings by the Passionist Nuns of Saint Joseph Monastery, outside of Owensville, and they're welcoming a new member this weekend! (We have Passionist Nuns in the Cincinnati area: Erlanger of N. Kentucky.)


Sponsa Christi said...

Dear Father Schnippel, God bless and reward you for including our blog in your post today! May the passion of Christ continue to be your strength and Mary your star of hope!

Padre Steve said...

I will give those blogs a shot!

Anonymous said...

When I visit other Orders' websites and see the Sisters' smiles - I think, 'I want that.' And then I realize...I'm going to HAVE that! I can't imagine myself going anywhere else. LM

Fr. Dennis said...

Father, just a clarification. When I read that there was a monastery near Owensville, I couldn't imagine where that was, and then I figured out that you meant Owensboro. I've been to that monastery, there in Whitesville, very close to Owensboro, and it's a really nice place. The sisters there have a really good monastery.