Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My review of 'Exotic Cleveland'

Since others have already written about the events that concern this past weekend, I submit to you, dear Reader, my attempt to write them out anew that others may come to know and beleive that goodness is still present in the world!

Fr. V, Adoro, and Uncle Jim have all written about the Fourth Adam's Ale Convocation, this will be my take from a unique perspective.
Unfortunately, I didn't get many shots (make that any shots) of St. Sebastians. Since the architecture was very similar to my home here in the Nati, I heartily disagreed with the claim that the church is Modern Romanesque, as there's nary an arch or dome in sight, neo Classical seems much more apropo. The stain glass windows, at first, were modern to me. Yet, as I looked at them more, I saw more and more symbols coming through. Maybe Fr. V. will post more of them soon?
Thursday night was two Akron institutions: Luigi's Pizzaria, the inspiration for Funky Winkerbean, and some fantastic ice cream parlor, almost as good as Graeters! In between was a viewing of Bella, the movie. I tell you, the producers of that film are ingenious, as they have rigged it some way that it releases some sort of irritant that makes my eyes water like crazy at the end. What can I say, I have the same allergies as my father.
Friday brought the Shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes, on this 150th anniversary of the Apparitions there. A truly gorgeous place, you'd never know it was near the heart of the major city. Here is a picture from the station pathway:
And a stained glass window from the chapel, which tells the story of Lourdes. Saying Midday Prayer together and recitation of the Rosary (which someone needs to review the order of the mysteries, too!) was quite nice. A bit of a dimension of an actual pilgramige to Lourdes! (now if only we would've said Mass there.....)
I stopped over at the CK's place while Fr. V. went back to hear confessions (ahh, the duties of a pastor), before heading to Lillian Marie's place for dinner. Look at all those brats! LM's dad was a master chef and fed us quite well. The selection of Great Lakes was also quite nice, especially after the blessing! (in Latin of course!)
Saturday morning, Fr. V. ended up having the early Mass at the parish, which was unexpected. I would've joined him, but instead said Mass at the Cure of Ars altar (he has side altars!) instead. V. noticed that John Vianney was smiling extra big that day!
After the visit to the 'Vatican Splendors' exhibit, we returned for the afternoon Mass at St. Sebastians and the obligatory repast. Fr. V's homily was quite excellent (keep preaching like that, I told him, and the Church will be full every week!) The parishioners were treated to an extra treat: Sanctus Bells! (except we didn't ring them at the Sanctus....?)
From left to right MJ, Bob and Jane (LM's parents) in Fr. V's dining room:
Here Aunt Roz and Uncle Jim, with LM

to be continued.....


adoro said...

Great pictures! And I can't BELIEVE I didn't mention the beer blessing...especially after the buildup it got!

Hmm...drinking blessed beer...THAT explains a lot...

adoro said...

Question...any reason you COULDN'T say Mass at the shrine?

Lillian Marie said...

With permission from Sr. Phyllis Ann, Mother Superior, you could have... that would have been awesome!!! They ARE looking for another Priest to reside there... any takers??? *hint, hint* *grin*

Anonymous said...

Well we'll just have to have another trip to the shrine to say mass. How about when we all get together before LM joins the sisters. It would be a great send off!!


Anonymous said...

Those bells must be distracting for the people who are trying to pray.