Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Our Lady of Mount Carmel

Today is the memorial of Our Lday of Mount Carmel, commemorating the giving of the scapular to the Carmelite order.

While today's readings do not really address the issue, I wanted to address a topic with the feast.

For more on the actual feast, hop on over to Padre Steve, SDB's, blog.

As a caveat, I do not wear a scapular, but have enrolled a number of people in the scapular. (I figure wearing a collar is pretty good protection.) I do always carry a rosary in my pocket.

To me, these traditions of wearing the scapular or medals or carrying a rosary highlight the 'tangible' nature of our faith. There are times when we need to hold on to something, maybe use it as a crutch in our prayers, maybe we are unable to pray during a time of crisis. Holding on to that rosary, embracing the protection of the scapular, gazing on the crucifix, is all a way that we are able to hold on to God's hand in time of trouble.

The connection with the Gospel that we must become childlike hits here. These 'sacramentals' give us something to hold on to when all else is in chaos. As a small child reaches up to grab mom or dad's hand when crossing the street, we reach up to grasp The Father's hand.

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Joyful Catholics said...

Great post, Father.

I love "all things Catholic," as a "giddy" convert. It was a long haul, but coming into the Catholic Church after 26 years in the evangelical fray was a breath of fresh air! I've fallen in love with the Church's authority and all the Saints. It's the "tangible" things, like medals and rosaries that are key to keeping me in touch with the holy and pure. I carry 4 rosaries in my purse and various prayer cards and medals. It is like being a little girl again, with my favorite toy, or doll. I've got a reminder of St Therese and Padre Pio when I hold their medals, and they help me as reminders of all that is good to aspire to, and to not become discouraged. I have a Mary bracelet that was also blessed and I see her many images on it and know my "Mother" in near me. Thank you for this post. Love your blog, too!