Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Cleveland Rocks (part 2)

Sunday morning, Fr. V's parishioners had the distinct displeasure of having me preach to them. Strangely enough, I actually knew someone who was in the crowd, as she was returning to Cincinnati and decided to stop in at Mass. (She is a student in the Athenaeum's Lay Pastoral Ministry Program: "He looks really familiar..... OH MY GOSH!)

Actually, they were all very nice in allowing an outsider to steal their pulpit for a Mass, and I enjoyed preaching there.

Sunday afternoon was spent at an Art Show, I go to Cleveland and buy a small wooden model of Great American Smallpark (Reds' Ballpark), how's that?

Returning, we had a few more beverages before playing Bocci (who won again?)

Fortified by liquid courage, Fr. V enters the Hobbit Door at the base of the Bell Tower:

Cyber bro and sis no longer, faces put with names (actual names at that, too!) were the best part of the weekend:

Catch Phrase was the order for the evening, thanks to CK (in the foreground, MJ and Fr. V behind). I had to get the team to answer 'bullfrog' so I started (in a bad singing voice): 'Jeremiah was a ___________" PROPHET! one of my team yelled in strong voice! Huh? Alas, the Bocci victory was short lived. (one can tell Fr. V's had some acting background, as he is animated. Plus with his wingspan, LOOKOUT! But, no one went to the hospital.)

Word was, there should be a 'Called to Gather' conference soon, but when is yet to be determined. Great times had by all!


adoro said...

Awww, that's a good pic of Fr. V. and I! Thanks!

He said he's still my cyberbro, though. And so are you, too.


And I gotta tell ya...I'll beg, steal and hitchike to get back to Ohio for the next one! (You're going to yell at me for hitchhiking, aren't you? lol)

Father Schnippel said...

you betcha! don'tcha knooow

Anonymous said...

Great pictures! So that's what you guys look like--it's nice to see pictures behind the writers. Is that a pan of brownies on the table? mmmmm....brownies.

Cathy_of_Alex said...

I don't know how you all stood it. Brownies and alcohol! Oh, the suffering humanity!!!!!