Monday, July 7, 2008

Why so long?

In answer to the question on the lips of every potential seminarian, comes "In Fulfillment of Their Mission; The Duties and Tasts of a Roman Catholic Priest: An Assessment Project" which lists out 73 'tasks' under nine 'duties' or 'areas of responsibility'.

The duties seem straightforward enough: liturgy and sacraments; pastoral care; teaching; parish administration; 'ministry of presence'; life in the diocese; 'diverse publics'; professional development; and personal development.

What gets me is that under each of the 73 tasks is listed 'performance levels' of novice, approaching proficiency, proficiency, and above proficiency; with appropriate 'performance statements' to tell where the priest might be in each 'task.'

Just paging through it makes me feel a little overwhelmed right now!

I won't give any more details, b/c it's still in review state and hopefully it helps to identify and correct locunae in seminary and on-going formation.

If I haven't mentioned this before, I do now: PRAY FOR YOUR PRIESTS!!!!!