Tuesday, July 29, 2008

What we are dealing with.

Over at Creative Minority Report, Matthew speaks of the upcoming retelling on Waugh's great 'Brideshead Revisted.' I can't get into the details of the movie, but this jumped out at me:

In asking the screenwriter of the film which seems to bastardize the great Catholic novel what the story was about he said:
"In that tug between individual freedom and fundamentalist religion, there’s a story that’s apposite for our time. In the modern age that’s something we’re all dealing with.”
Fundamentalist religion? So, in that little phrase he is, I believe, referencing the Muslim terrorists who we are currently at war with but ascribing it to Catholic characters.

To be a serious, committed Catholic Christian = the demented notions of religion that brought us to September 11th. Nevermind that Catholicism is truly the religion of peace, and the fount of more charitable action than any other.

More than anything, I think, this is causing the so-called 'vocations crisis.' I have spoken with many young men who feel a call to the priesthood, yet they are so often maligned by friends and family that they cannot respond in the generous and open way that a vocation to the priesthood demands.

What are we to do? Simple: live out your faith in a joyfilled and exuberant manner, find the joy in the midst of suffering, offer your praises to God first and foremost, make it a point to be a committed, intentional disciple of Christ. The witness of the lay faithful who do these things will help to support those called to the priesthood and/or religious life.

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absolutely, positively, conclusively - a requirement!