Monday, July 7, 2008


The Independence Day Weekend (oxymoron?) is over, and I am once again chained to my desk at the Central Offices.

My family took advantage of the weekend to gather at mom and dad's place on a small lake in Ohio. Since the house can't accomodate 30 persons (and one dog!), we had Tent City out on the lawn as my five sblings each staked out a space. (I claimed the bedroom, much to their chagrine; hey the priesthood has to have some perks!)

Festivities included some water skiing (I don't learn from past mistakes, apparently), tubing (not by your's truly, mainly the grandkids), cooking out, a nightly fire in the pit, our own personal fireworks display and attending the lake's display on Saturday night. (Sadly, I had to miss the big display for a wedding obligation.)

A few of the siblings were berating me, however, as I refused to celebrate Sunday Mass at the house, covering the local parish Masses instead. "What's the point of having a priest in the family if we can't have Mass together?!?!?!?" In revenge, they nearly all attended the SAturday Vigil Mass which I did NOT have instead of the two Sunday morning Masses. They keep me humble, my dear family.

As I drove back to Cinci yesterday evening, I realized that I really do have a pretty good family. I know that there are not too many families of such a size that could be together for the better part of 48 hours straight and only have minor tiffs. For that, we are lucky.

Sorry for the silence over the weekend, as we do not have internet access at the cottage (which helped make the weekend a success, as we spent most of the time outside rather than in), regular posting will resume today.

I hope you all had an enjoyable weekend as well.

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Adoro said...


I found out this spring that, at least in our Archdiocese, "private" Massess are expressly forbidden on Sundays. They're fine every other day of the week, but not Sunday, (and also applicable to Saturday vigil as well, obviously).

So...not sure where you were exactly, but if that particular rule is in place for you, you can easily get yourself off the hook with your family! :-) That way THEY can go to work on the humble pie. :-)

Um...your family is going to hate me, aren't they?