Saturday, February 7, 2009

Chromedome Clergy Conference

Adoro picked up the story of the similiarities that was noted earlier this week.

Ray from MN picked up the theme and noted his pastor could join the fun, and suggested the following:

"Maybe there should be a subcaucus of chromedome priests in the American Church."

I think we go with it, eh?  We've got a bishop and I know of several priests and deacons who could be members, including the Vocation Director in Bismark, North Dakota.


MJ said...

Fr. V could definitey be a member.

Adoro said...

Of COURSE! Fr. V.!

Anonymous said...

I know very well two clerics here in Iowa with the same anti-space laser topographical property, and one of them's the vocations director! Is this Chromocephaly contagious??? And must it apply below the ears?

- Smiter the (well-bearded) Archdeacon