Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Feb 17, 2008

I'm certainly enjoying reliving the events from a year ago, hope others are as well.

Feb. 17th. Up and onto the Metro at 9 for Sunday Mass at St. Peter’s, after Mass went out to Square for Pope Benedict’s address and Angelus. Next we hiked it up to the Pontifical North American University and on up over the Janiculum to Trastevere. What a site looking out over the top of Rome. Lunch was interesting ate at a little place with no one able to communicate with us but we made it through and enjoyed it. Then we headed to Santa Maria Trastevere, next back over the Tiber River and a slow walk back to room and some dinner.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you - yes - brings back memories of my 'trip of a lifetime' too - but, this, from the eyes of a mother of a priest is priceless. Please invite her to blog often - look how well David Letterman's mom was received on his show!