Saturday, February 21, 2009

Thanksgiving for Priests

Saw this over at Fr. Zenhle's blog, had to share:

The priest is another Christ.
Our faith recognizes in him
the Lord who walks with us in history.
We honor him because in him we see Jesus Christ Himself.
He is a man among men,
yet you have chosen him
to celebrate the sublime mystery of the Eucharist,
to perpetuate your love through the ages,
to forgive sins in your name,
to save in your name,
and to consecrate mankind and all creation
in the name of the Blessed Trinity.

Thank you, Lord, for the gift you gave your Church in the priesthood.

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jamie said...

thank you for posting this. The girls in this house were a bit miffed last evening to learn that they couldn't dress up like (or become) priests like their brothers. This is the perfect, simple yet beautiful, prayerful explanation. Perfect timing.