Friday, February 13, 2009

Mom's Diary Entry, one year later

Further remembrances from a  year ago, spellings are negotiable.

Feb. 12th  ---   We made it, but OOHHH how our bottoms hurt from the long ride.  Checked into the Tourist House after a  death ride from the taxi driver.  First stop at St. Mary Maggorie (sp?) – how beautiful, off then to St. Suzzana for Papal Tickets but Pope Benedict is on retreat as is custom of first week of Lent.  Had our first taste of Italian pizza.  Afternoon had a long nap – how great!  In evening went to (better know as)  Church of Bones (all Monks).  Had mass at ST. Suzzana and a great meal at the Chicken House (way to much wine though).  Found Kyle and Tom Scotch and Whiskey,  


Feb. 13th --  Slept in and then off we go, first stop was with the Roman Centurion, walked around Plazza Nineva “Wedding Cake” the off to San Marco Church also known as Musollini Balcony followed by Church of Apostles where St. James and St. Phillip are buried.  Then to Gregorian Housing for Priests studying from US – how beautiful.  Trevi Fountain tossed some coins over our should  Fountain is next to Spanish Steps – way to many steps.  Off to top of hill to Trinita Del Monta Church.  Shopped for Kyle, off to the Pantheon, also stopped at Maria Sopra Minerva saw Catherine of Sienna minus her head.   Strolled on down to Irish Pub “??” off then to  Jesu Church paintings appear to be falling out of sky.  Then off to Piazza Navona lots of shops.   Followed by Tiber River crossed bride and over to ST. Peter Square “WOOWWW”.  Walked on back “we are aching” had dinner at Abruzzi, this is the American Priest hangout.  Back home and to bed.


What memories this brings back. 

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