Wednesday, February 11, 2009

From Mom's Diary

entry posted a year ago today:

“Leaving Botkins for Columbus in Kyle’s Mazda, weather is cold 5 degrees but good thing is 8” of snow coming in for tomorrow. In Atlanta now need to get Kyle started to drink didn’t know he was so claustrophobic. Temperature in Atlanta 58 deg. So nice. Can’t believe I think 58 is a good temp. Boarded the big bird for the 9 hour flight I know the Pope is counting the hours until we arrive."

I'm ready to go back!


Adoro said...

You're claustrophobic? Really? da plane? Or the Mazda?

Father Schnippel said...

only on planes, i actually prefer smaller cars than big land yacths.

Adoro said...

Sorry to hear that. That must have been torturous on such a long trip!

Adoro said...

Hey! You should lead a pilgrimage for bloggers to Rome, or maybe the Holy Land. :-D

Not that I could afford to go, but I'd be supportive of the