Thursday, February 26, 2009

Feel free to ignore this post

Big news from France!

The ACO has released the entries for this year's 24 hour of LeMans.

LM P1 will be exciting as ever: 5 Audi's, 4 Peugot's, and 4 Aston Martin Lola Coupes.

LM P2 will it be 'survival of the fittest, as over the last few years?

LM GT1 Corvettes should run away and hide

LM GT2 14 entries, 9 Ferraris and only 3 Porsches. did the Germans bring a knife to an Italian gunfight?

Cover Story here.

Sebring anyone? (Me, more likely I'll hit Road America in August)

Ok, back to our regularly scheduled programming.


Lillian Marie said...

We need 'Speed Buggy' or 'Speed Racer' in there! And what ever happened to the 'Chitty Chitty Bang-Bang' car? THAT was a classic! LOL

Me, I'll keep my Mazda 6 - sports car w/o the sports car price.

uncle jim said...

where is the august event being held this year?

Father Schnippel said...

Road America is in early August