Sunday, February 8, 2009

got nothing to do tonight?

St. Cecilia's in Cincinnati's Oakley neighborhood is hosting a St. Michael's Prayer Warrior Conference, beginning at 7 pm this evening.  Fr. Earl Fernandes, Dean of Mount St. Mary's Seminary in Cincinnati, will be delivering his same address given two weeks ago at St. Mary's, Piqua.  It truly is an excellent talk on the call to greatness.  Adoration begins at 6.


Father Schnippel said...

75 showed, thanks to all who put this on and those who came out on a Sunday night.

Rich Leonardi said...

That's a great turnout, Father. Sunday nights are generally difficult for me, but I would have loved to attend. Your readers should also know that Fr. Fernandes will be celebrating Mass in the Ordinary Form in Latin at 9 am this Friday at St. Cecilia.

Jackie said...

It was a lovely evening and both Fr. Jaime and Fr. Earl did great jobs!!

We did 'tape' the talk and comments and hopefully will have it on line soon!