Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A day in the life of...

Fr. Fox writes these 'day in the life' posts every once in a while, thought I would share my day yesterday:

9:00 AM: Meeting with the rector of the seminary on a number of different issues of mutual concern, held at the seminary. (12 miles east of downtown)

Banzai run back to the central offices downtown.

11:00 arrival at St. X High School (10 miles north of downtown) for Mass wtih some of the students to preach on vocations.

12:00 departure, head to St. William's for a funeral Mass, 20 minute drive.

12:30 arrival, say hi to the family, go over details with the deacon, make sure everything is in place.

1:15 Funeral Mass begins

2:30 departure for Cemetery, short trip up 8th Street.

3:00 departure for reception 20 minutes back westward.

4:15 Leave to head back to the Cathedral, 20 minute drive.

5:00 chat with Fr. McCarthy (the younger) for a few minutes before the 5:15 Mass

sit down and relax, try to get the hammer in my head to stop.

6:00 departure to westside (again) for 20 minute drive to near St. Simon's for a prayer with the Elder wrestlers.

8:15 after dinner, leave to head back downtown, call the folks to check, remember that a year ago we were on our way to the Eternal City, ahhhhh..... can i go back tomorrow?

8:45 arrival at Cathedral, lug stuff from the day back upstairs, see the Fr. McCarthy (the younger) is still present, sit and chat for about an hour.

10:00 good night world.

all with a nagging head cold, yeah!


Adoro said...

I'm tired just READING that!

Jackie said...

How about when I'm in the Eternal City in about 3 weeks I think really, really hard about you and say a prayer for you - will that help?

Hope you feel better!

Kurt H said...

And somewhere amid all that, you have to find time to pray the Office.

I won't bore anybody with a day in the life of an engineer.

Kelly Benjey said...

Oh my friend... working to build The Kingdom is tiring business, isn't it?
I can relate to your day, except for me every other entry would include "put the boys in car seats" or "take the boys out of car seats". I hope that with all those Masses in there you can at least find a glimmer of holiness in your day. I'm working on it.