Monday, February 16, 2009

Memories from Rome, Continued

Mom's diary from last year in Rome:

Feb. 14th  Early rise and off to the Metro for the ride to St. Peter Square.  Kyle celebrated Mass at Vatican, actually off to the side of the Main Altar.  Can only say it was so impressive.  Did the Scavi Tour of Cryps , saw St. Peter’s grave.   Got tickets for the trip to the top of the Vatican Dome.  Rode the elevator for first 200 steps and then CLIMBED up next 320 steps but what a view.  Shopped at souvenir shops on roof top and in Square.  Walked back slowly over Capitaline Hill found church where St. Peter was in prison.  What  a great Day.  Had some dinner and let Tom do some Irish Pubs, back to room and beat Kyle and Tom in Rummy.


Feb. 15th.  Another bright and sunny day.  Walked to Santa Maria Maggiore for Kyle to celebrate Mass.  Back to house for breakfast, then took Metro to Vatican where we toured the Vatican Museum and the Sistene Chapel “so very beautiful”    Had lunch “more wine”  UH OH.  Kyle then went to pick up his Cassock while we did some souvenir shopping.  Back to house had a nice nap then we walked to dinner at an Irish Pub in the Pantheon not far from Piazza Veneziea.  Walked to Trevi Fountain area, followed side streets on back.  Kyle and Tom consumed more alcohol and had to let Kyle win in rummy.

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