Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Final Day in Rome, plus one year

The final update from Mom's diary, a year ago:

This was our last full day in Rome how much fun this was reading everything we did not sure of some of the spelling.


Feb. 18th  Up early walked to attend the Station Mass at San Clemente,  Tom and I were amazed at the number of Priests and Seminarians attending Mass.  Grabbed a cappuccino and walked to see the Market area at Piazza Vicor Emanuel, not much happening just a few flower sellers.  Back to room for an hour then took a Taxi to the Church where St. Peter met Jesus.  As Kyle described to us ST. Peter was leaving Rome and Jesus was entering,  Domiono Qua Vatis saw footprints of Jesus.  After that toured the Church of San Sebastian and the Catacombs.  Was very interesting, it was said that ST. Peter and Paul were buried there before being moved to Basillicas.  Had lunch at a neat little restaurant then took a taxi back to Basillica San Paulo outside the Wall.  Took metro to Termini walked around the train station (Tom and Kyle enjoyed immensely).  Back to room for two hours off the feet.  Dinner was in the St. Peter in Chain Church area where Rick Stieves recommended.  Packed up our belongings for flight tomorrow while Kyle and Tom argued Church religion over last of their scotch and makers mark.

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