Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hands of a Priest

St. Monica's Kneeler blog, hitherto unbeknowst by me (but beknowst by others who pointed me to the link), has a great post on the impact a priest has had in her life.

As a priest, we do things that are expected of us: running to the hospital to annoint someone, visiting with a family who's father is dying, stopping by after a daughter's First Communion or Baptism. It is what we are expected to do, and I joyfully do it as much as possible, especially since I am in a 'non-parochial ministry and don't get these opportunities too much.

I am often humbled at the response of the families who seem to be generally proud that I have stopped by. My response: "Who am I? I am just doing what is expected."

All in all, the continuing recognition that we are a family united in Christ.

"Priests who dwell upon earth and make their abode therein have been commissioned nonetheless to dispense things which are in heaven, and have received an authority such as God has not given either to angels or archangels. For it has not been said to them: All that you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven (Matthew 18:18). Those who rule upon earth, indeed, have authority to bind, but bodies only, whereas the binding done by priests takes hold of the soul itself and reaches to heaven. What priests execute below, God ratifies above, and the Master confirms the judgment of His servants."~ St. John Chrysostom

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Adoro said...

We do appreciate you a great deal. A year ago in December when I thought we were about to lose Mom, I was the ONLY person in the family to ask that a priest visit her to annoint her. Mom didn't even have the ability to ask! I called the parish local to the hospital (which Mom sometimes attends), and left a message with her info. The next morning I was at Mass, planning her funeral in my distraction. I later learned that about a half hour after I'd called the church, the priest had been by to see her. On a VERY stormy, snowy night. (It would have been nice if my brother had called to tell me that! Would've saved me a lot of anguish!)

You can't IMAGINE my own relief! I wasn't present, but just knowing she'd received the Sacrament was incredible.

I learned, then, about the Grace that surpasses the person receiving it, and affects everyone they love in some way.

Hard to explain, but I think that's what you're seeing in people.

there's more to it, but right now I can't express any more than that.