Sunday, February 22, 2009

Thoughts on Sunday's Gospel

So, with the announcement of Damien of Molokai's pending canonization, I finally had a topic to discuss for my Sunday Homily, Thanks be to God!  (Literally, laying awake last night, plus up early this morning trying to get something together.  Thankfully, it gelled.)

Telling the story of Damien, I brought forward the idea that disease in Jesus' time had a necessary spiritual element, something that we've lost in today's day and age. 

For true healing, we must first come to Our Lord for that spiritual healing before the physical healing can take place.

or something like that.


Adoro said...

But....that seems to go more with last weekend's readings.

I LOVED the stuff from this weekend...SO MUCH THERE!

What you said goes there, too, but if I didn't know the readings I would think you're talking about lepers.

R u tired, Padre?

MJ said...

Adoro I thought the same thing but today's gospel was also healing so it does go with both.
Sounds like the Holy Spirit was showing His sense of humor. Keeping you up at night!

uncle jim said...

or something like that

Adoro said...

MJ ~ That's what I meant, why it goes here, too, for today's readings. Of course, the readings on healing are REALLY important as we approach Lent....