Monday, February 16, 2009

Next update from Roma

Feb. 16th  6:30 rise and shine to a clear, windy and very cool day.  Walked to St. Geovanni in Laterno, Kyle celebrated Mass in an absolutely beautiful chapel.  Then toured church, crossed street to Croce in Gerusalemme where we crawled up steps as these were the steps Jesus walked to Crucifixion.  Cannot put into words how this felt.  Toured the Baptistry area of St. Geovanni in Laterno.  Back to room by way of Colessium area for a break, then walked to Vittorio Emanuele II Monument.  Walked to stop then  toured Santa Maria Aracoelli and the Statue of the Christ Child.  Next we toured Mamertine Prison where St. Peter and Paul were held “WOW”.  Grabbed a bite to eat then toured the Roman Forum and walked along the side of Palatine Hill and outside of Colosseum (IT IS HUGE).  Walked up Via S. Boneventure and found a St. Bonveneture Church, one of the plaques had a Schneider on it (had to wonder if it was some of Grandma Schnippel’s family).   Had a cloister singing in background (how moving that was).  From there we walked to Circus Maximus where chariots once raced.  Back to room for a break, dinner tonight at L’Antica Birreria Peroni a German Restaurant (have reservations on how German it will be though).

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