Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Off to a retreat

But not for me, unfortunately  :(

Over the next three days, I'm helping to proctor a Charis Teacher's Retreat for Catholic Grade School teachers in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati.  This is a first of its kind in the country as far as we can tell.  Please keep the 30 retreatants, plus five on the giving team, in your prayers.

This is something that, if successful, we hope to export around the country to other dioceses, helping to foster the unique Catholic identity of our schools.

Talk to ya on Friday.


MJ said...

Anxious to here how it goes. Praying. Is it something that would work with Catholic high school teachers? One of the things we have talked about on our accreditation team, in respect to Catholic Identity, is retreats for the teachers.

Anonymous said...

Fr. Schnippel - I know you have filled in at St. Mary in the past and we are very saddened with the news that Fr. Paul is leaving. The vast majority of the parish is heartbroken. The rumor is that he was being highly criticized by a very small fraction of the parish causing him to question his effectiveness in the parish. I can tell you and even give you ten reasons why he should stay. Can you shed some light for us?

-Heartbroken in the pews

Father Schnippel said...


I have not spoken to Fr. Ruwe about his decision, and would not comment on a public forum about it anyway.